The Israeli Program

Every year six Israeli artists in different stages of their artistic career are chosen for a yearlong residency program. The open call for the program is published once a year, and artists are chosen by an international independent jury that changes yearly.
During the residency year the artists continue their individual artistic practice while participating in weekly meetings, workshops and art tours. The process based program includes a studio at Artport, a monthly stipend, and close curatorial support.

The International Program

International artists and curators are invited to be part of the Artport residency program for a period of one to three months. The international residents take part in the residency activities, including weekly meetings, studio visits and art tours. They are provided with a one-bedroom apartment in Jaffa, and a studio at Artport’s building.
The International program is by invitation only and through exchange programs with similar artist in residence programs around the world.

Professional Tools Workshops

The Artists Career Development Program (ACDP) in collaboration with Asylum Arts, aims to strengthen the local art community by providing artists with professional tools to help them navigate the local and international art world. The three-day workshop, followed by other workshops throughout the year, focuses on subjects such as

Residency in Pictures

Artport is a home for the local art community and aspires to be a location for experiments, inspiration, communal learning and unexpected connections. The artists in the program are invited to work in an open and supportive environment. Artport’s gallery encourages artistic inquiry, critical thinking and stretches the definitions of art. Artport is a meeting place, and invites artists and curators to take part in activities in ways that will enrich their practice as well as the local art scene.

Years 2019-2020

Israeli Program

Gil Yefman

By deconstructing and transforming canonized familiar myths from varied beliefs and traditions, and creating fantastic realms where characters with elusive gender, sexual and political identities serve as alternative cultural heroes – I try to challenge and undermine the structured definitions and portrayal of the “other”, in order to explore and cherish the intrinsic potential of the extraordinary. Through a manifold spectrum of practices and media, and with a prevalent predilection for the craftswomanship of crochet knitting, I indulge in the therapeutic virtues of knitting as means to dwell on personal and collective traumas, as well as to reflect upon recurrent obsessive patterns in mankind's societies. The act of knitting resembles writing: long, rapid, carefully calculated and monotonous movements, a collection of syllables that create a narrative, the object. The texts and contexts become textures that suggest an alternative examination, reflection and interpretation to dogmatic translations.
Yefman graduated from Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem in 2003, and received a two year fellowship at the Alma program for Jewish culture studies, 2008-2010. He is the Rappaport Prize laureate for young Israeli artist, 2017, and awarded ​"The Young Artist Prize” given by the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Science, 2010. Residencies programs include ​The Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Japan 2015, IDA Schir Residency, Hannover 2014, Fountainhead Residency, Miami 2014, Artist residency, granted by the NRW Kunststiftung and The Bronner Family, Düsseldorf 2011-12. His works are present in several private and public collections, among which: The Jewish Museum, NYC, The Rubell Family Collection, Miami, Tel Aviv Museum of art, Herzliya Museum of art, Shoken Family Collection, Tel Aviv, The Bronner Family Collection, ​Düsseldorf​, and private collections. Selected solo exhibitions include​: “Kibbutz Buchenwald”, Tel Aviv Museum of Art 2018, “Body Of Work”, Haifa museum of art 2017, “The Third Dress”, ​Dana art gallery, Yad Mordechai Kibbutz 2016, ​“To Me You Are Beautiful - Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn”, Ronald Feldman Fine Art, NYC 2014, “H” The Container, Tokyo 2013, "In Return", Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv 2011. Selected group exhibitions include​: "​ Dread & Delight", Weatherspoon art museum, NC, 2018, “The Queer Biennale - What If Utopia”, L.A. 2018,​ “Violated: Women in Holocaust and Genocide”, Ronald Feldman Gallery, NYC, 2018, ​“Woven and Untangled”, Tel Aviv Museum 2017, "(SIGNAL)", Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY 2016, "Kumzitz", KIT museum, Düsseldorf 2016, “​Passage - A Day In Eternity", Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori, 2015, ​“Otherness - I Is Somebody Else”, Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, Paris 2013, “About Stupidity” Petach Tikva Museum of Art 2013, “Galicia Mon Amour”, "Body Without Body", Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin 2011, “Animamix Biennial – Attract and Attack”, MOCA museum, Taipei, 2009.
Gil Yefman is represented by Ronald Feldman Fine Art, NYC.
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Dor Zlekha Levy

Dor Zlekha Levy (born 1990) is a multimedia artist, specialized in creating Audiovisual installations, video art and performnaces. Sound is a core element in Zlekha Levy’s work. Ongoing collaborations with musicians are essential to his working process, from conception to installation. Zlekha Levy’s latest works are inspired by the history and the cultural heritage of Arab Jewry (Jews living in or originating from Arab countries). His works bring to life voices that are excluded from the Israeli cultural discourse in a way that allows them not just to be heard, but be listened to. He has held solo exhibitions at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Hamidrasha Gallery and Braverman Gallery, among others, and participated in group shows at The Petach Tikva Museum of Art, The Israel Museum, Kunsthalle Stavanger, The Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem and others. His videos have been screened at international festivals as Ars Electronica and institutions as Kadist Foundation and ICA London. Dor had conducted several major events, combining live musical performances and Audiovisual installations under the title “Songs of The Next War” (Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Jerusalem film festival, Soundart Pazaz). His videos have been screened at international festivals as Ars Electronica and institutions as Kadist Foundation and ICA London. In 2017, Dor recieced the Israeli Ministry of Culture prize for young artist. He is the winner of ‘Zoom 2016’ prize for young Israeli artist. His works are held in the collection of The Israel Museum in Jerusalem and in private collections.
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Halil Balabin & Merav Kamel

Merav Kamel (born in 1988, Israel) and Halil Balabin (born in 1987, Israel) are an artist duo based in Tel-Aviv, working together since 2012. Both of them received their BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem (Kamel in 2012, Balabin on 2014). Their works are divided into two types of practices — the first is sewing of dolls, and the other is site-specific installations. The installations deal with documentary and autobiographical content, through which they examine new possibilities of documentary representation. For example, how can the documentary film genre shed its cinematic identity, and how a human story can be told by using traditional artistic tools, without the use of a video camera. In contrast, their work with dolls brings out an associative way of thought — the attachment of different organs born of amputations, hybridizations and compositions that create a new object. They are mutations of lust and fantasy with a humorous tone, which mix together an array of familiar images: Cartoons, surrealism, poeticism, a mélange of the high and low, art history, and the conflicted and bizarre space of Israel. Their joint work cancels the masculine-feminine dichotomy of their works, and allows a fluid gender identity. An ever-changing, androgynous being is formed, with the ability to play more than one character. Their works has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions including: Buchum Museum, Germany; Brno house of art, Czech; Pram Gallery, Prague; PM gallery, Dusseldorf; Circle 1 Gallery, Berlin; Untitled art fair, Miami; Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Tel Aviv Museum; Herzliya Museum; Bat Yam Museum; Ha’Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv; Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv; Inga Gallery, Tel aviv; among many other venues. Their works are included in a number of public and private collection such as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art; the Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Philara collection; Carry and Dan Bronner collection; Discount Bank collection; Roni and Allen Baharaff collection; Shoken collection; Ann and Ari Rosenblatt collection; Dubi Shiff collection; Alexander Farenholtz collection and other private ones. Both was awarded from Israel Ministry of Culture, Young Artist Award (Kamel in 2018, Balabin on 2016); Artis Residency grant; "Elhanani" Prize from Bezalel Academy of Art ; America- Israel cultural Foundation award for extra ordinary artistic achievement.
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International Program

Justė Jonutytė

J. Jonutytė is a Vilnius-based independent curator and producer. She holds an M.A. in History of Art from the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Throughout her career, Jonutytė has worked in curatorial departments of Rupert (Vilnius), Tate Modern (London) and Jonas Mekas Foundation (New York), amongst others. She was a director of Rupert, a centre for art and education in Vilnius, Lithuania between 2013—2019. Recently curated exhibitions by Jonutytė include Jonas Mekas: Let me dream utopias (2019), Entangled Tales (group show, 2018), Lina Lapelyte: Pirouette (2017), Laure Prouvost: Burrow Me (2015), Double Bind (group show, 2015-2016), Dan Perjovschi: Time Specific & Lia Perjovschi: Knowledge Museum Kit (2014) and Dora Garcia: The Jerusalem of Europe (2013). Together with Paulius Petraitis, she is the co-editor of “Like There’s No Tomorrow: Young Lithuanian Photography” (2013, distributed by Motto Books). The focus of Jonutytė’s work at Rupert, in addition to the overseeing of all other programs, has been the formation of Rupert’s Alternative Education platform. For this program, Jonutytė has hosted an intensive public program of performances and lectures featuring Claire Bishop, Sebastian Cichocki, Dora Garcia, Travis Jeppesen and Mårten Spångberg, among many others, and has seen through the realization of numerous projects by participants. In addition to education, Jonutytė has significantly contributed to the establishment and expansion of Rupert’s Residency Program, having hosted almost 200 residents in the six years of the programme and more than 150 related events.
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Ira Eduardovna

Ira Eduardovna was born in Uzbekistan. She currently lives and works in NY. Eduardovna’s work reconstructs narratives of autobiographical nature and examines issues of migration and displacement through non-linear story telling. Eduardovna is the recipient of numerous awards including: New York Foundation for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts grant for film and electronic media, Israel Lottery Council Grant for Culture and the Arts, The Ostrovsky Family Fund, Jerome foundation travel and study grant, Artis Exhibition Grant. She was an artist in residence at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council workspace NYC, Smack Mellon Residency Brooklyn NY, Art OMI - Omi International Art Center Ghent NY, FUTURA center for contemporary Art in Prague 2013 among others. Her solo exhibitions include The Israel Museum (Jerusalem, Israel) Chelouche gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel) Loop Video art Fair (Barcelona, Spain), Cuchifritos Gallery NYC, Mo-menta Art (Brooklyn, NY) Braverman Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel), FUTURA center for con-temporary Art- Karlin Studios, (Prague, Czech Republic). Her work was shown in group shows at Galleria Arsenal (Bialystok, Poland), Oi Futuro Museum (Rio de Janeiro, Bra-zil), San Diego Art Institute (San Diego, CA), The Israel museum (Jerusalem, Israel), Bat Yam Museum of Contemporary Art (Bat Yam, Israel). Her video installations are in collections in Israel and abroad including the Israel Muse-um collection, Shoken Family Collection and private collections. She holds an MFA from Hunter College, New York since 2012.
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Gal Nissim

Gal Nissim is a New York-based, interdisciplinary artist and a researcher who bridges art, science, and technology to create interactive work. Her work has been exhibited worldwide including, NYCxDesign festival at Time Square, New York Hall of Science, Jerusalem Design Week, Science Gallery Detroit, Media Arts Gallery, and Concordia (Netherlands). She is a recipient of grants and fellowships from the Culture & Animals Foundation, NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC), HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts, Microsoft Design Expo Challenge, Experimental Storytelling research group by NYU and Google, Tisch GSO, and the Weizmann Institute of Science for outstanding young researchers. Currently, she is a member at NEW INC’s Creative Science track at the New Museum. Nissim received her Master’s degree from NYU’s ITP. Studied at Bezalel Arts Academy while earning her BSc in biology and cognitive science from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Gal’s work is motivated by a deep fascination with humans’ relations with non-human animals. She examines these relations as instances of environmental harm and racism. Research and collaborations form the foundation of her creative process. Her work is directly inspired by recently possible technologies, natural sciences and environmental justice. While technology is often used to shield us from nature, she utilizes it to employ joyful and social justice-oriented ways to bring people closer to nature. As an immigrant feminist, Nissim is eager to raise conversations across borders and to tell the stories of those who can't advocate for themselves.

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