Years 2023-2024


The Israeli Program

Every year six Israeli artists in different stages of their artistic career are chosen for a yearlong residency program. The open call for the program is published once a year, and artists are chosen by an international independent jury that changes yearly.
During the residency year the artists continue their individual artistic practice while participating in weekly meetings, workshops and art tours. The process based program includes a studio at Artport, a monthly stipend, and close curatorial support.

The International Program

International artists and curators are invited to be part of the Artport residency program for a period of one to three months. The international residents take part in the residency activities, including weekly meetings, studio visits and art tours. They are provided with a one-bedroom apartment in Jaffa, and a studio at Artport’s building.
The International program is by invitation only and through exchange programs with similar artist in residence programs around the world.

Professional Tools Workshops

The Artists Career Development Program (ACDP) in collaboration with Asylum Arts, aims to strengthen the local art community by providing artists with professional tools to help them navigate the local and international art world. The three-day workshop, focuses on subjects such as public speaking, writing, managing budgets etc.

Residency in Pictures

Artport is a home for the local art community and aspires to be a location for experiments, inspiration, communal learning and unexpected connections. The artists in the program are invited to work in an open and supportive environment. Artport’s gallery encourages artistic inquiry, critical thinking and stretches the definitions of art. Artport is a meeting place, and invites artists and curators to take part in activities in ways that will enrich their practice as well as the local art scene.

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