Gil Yefman – Trans(a)gressive

Gil Yifman’s solo exhibition, Trans(a)gressive, presented at the Israeli Center for Digital Art Holon, created a space composed of woven and knitted objects, resembling replicated internal body parts. Electronic sensing devices are implanted in the organs – security cameras, speakers and microphones, which receive and emit impressions. These respond to those present, creating a sense of wandering within the organic body. But it is an undifferentiated body, internal parts are externalized or turned inside out, floating alongside others. An intimate experience to the core.

As part of the exhibition and with the support of Artport, Yefman held a series of performance events in which he and a team of dancers wore the objects placed in the space, thus creating a series of performance actions for the audience, as well as video documentation. The shows held an array of in-body experiences, and combined human bodies with interactive gestures.

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