More Than Enough

As part of Artport’s new exhibition ‘More Than Enough’, join us on a series of events:

Fanzine Workshop led by artists Faina Georgiesh Feigin and Naga Or Yam

Friday March 1st 2024, 10:00am to 2pm

The artists will hold a fanzine workshop suitable for all ages, which will take place within the exhibition space.

Georgiesh Feigin and Or Yam, founding members of the BUSH Collective, have worked on publishing fanzines. The BUSH Collectives’ new fanzine, ‘Hope dies last,’ will be given as a gift to participants.

Ballad for a Thief: A show within the installation U by the artist Regev Amrani

Participating artist: Tal Ganor

Saturday 2.3.24

The event will take place in the work’s space at: 10:30, 11:30, 13:30

The show “Ballad for a Thief” connects the different anecdotes in the inspiration behind the installation “U”  Theft of property ignited the process of creating works that respond, dismantle and reconstruct the specific incidents of theft and respond to the act of theft.

Past Events:

Exhibition tour with curator Yarden Stern

Friday, January 12, 12 pm

“History of Sexuality” Recording of a live episode of the podcast series History of Sexuality on Nancy Schneider, hosted by Dotan Brom and Anat Zalzberg.

Thursday, February 1st, 7 pm

Nancy Schneider, a groundbreaking and inspiring figure, one of the pioneers of the transgender community in Israel, was a performer at heart and part of what was probably the first drag group in the country “Sex Bombs”.  Nancy passed away in November 2023, and we’re excited to record a live episode of our podcast “History of Sexuality” in her memory. During the podcast we will tell her life story, from her childhood in Haifa, through sex work in Tel Aviv and performances in Italian clubs, to becoming an iconic figure in the Tel Aviv gay community.

Anat Zalzberg is a researcher at the Walter Liebach Institute for Coexistence and holds an MA in Sociology from the Tel Aviv University. Host of the podcast “History of Sexuality”.

Dotan Brom is a PhD Candidate in history at the Tel Aviv University, one of the founders of the Haifa Queer History Project and a lecturer on queer history and culture. He hosts the podcast “History of Sexuality” and writes a blog under the same name

Fanzines as a Queer-Feminist Arena: A Lecture by Artists Faina Georgeish Feigin and Naga Or Yam

Together with the launch of the BUSH Collective new Fanzine, ‘Hope Dies Last’

Monday, Feb 5th 2024, 7pm

The artists, Faina Georgeish Feigin and Naga Or Yam, founders of BUSH Collective, which promotes queer-feminist art, will review the history of the fanzine, talk about collective labor, and discuss their new work ‘Valley of Peace,’ featured in the exhibition More Than Enough at Artport Gallery.

The Broken Hearts Club, hosted by Yonatan Harel

Wednesday, February 14, 7:30 pm

For Valentine’s Day, we will praise and honor heartbreak, and the songs that accompany it. Yonikul (Yonatan Harel) will wipe our tears away and guide us through Valentine’s Day together, between ballads, tears and out-of-tune singing. Yoni Harel is an influencer, a cute and funny gay guy who dresses very nicely.

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More Than Enough

A collaboration between Me'alelet, Mevoot and Artport

Madaf Website has officially Launched!

For three years now, we’ve been dreaming together: Me’alelet, Mevoot and Artport, to establish a digital home entirely dedicated to artist books – Madaf!

“Madaf: Artists Books” is a website that includes an index and a magazine, bringing together hundreds of local artist books. It was created to promote Israeli artist books in the local and international scene.

A comprehensive archive with options for exploration, and search, both contemporary and historical artist books. It includes interviews, essays, and recommendations from culture researchers, artists, editors, curators, and more!

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Madaf Website has officially Launched!


Years 2023-2024

Artists in residence: Moshe Roas, Ester Schneider, Uri Zamir, Asaf Elkalai, Tal Alperstein, Ruti De Vries

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