Eastern Skies Blush: Guided Exhibition Tours

Friday, January 21st, 12pm

Saturday, January 29th, 11am
Friday, February 11th, 11 am

Via meticulous editing, Weiss presents a video collage that connects the different times: moments of despair and moments of respite, the parks and spontaneous gatherings, movement restrictions and lockdowns. The documented image is her raw material, from which she cuts and paints, builds new scenes and creates a different, parallel, possible reality. While the common use of advanced editing technologies is to falsify reality and present it as different from what it was, Weiss’s video collages bring us closer to reality as experienced. In the exhibition she proposes an intricate view of time and transitional moments; an augmented time which allows forward and backward observation at layers of reality that take place at different times and in different places simultaneously, crystallizing to form one image.

Closing: February 19th, 2022

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Eastern Skies Blush: Guided Exhibition Tours

Open Call!

The open call is closed. Thanks to those of you who applied!

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