A conversation with artists Shahar Yahalom and Tchelet Ram

Two Stones in the Hand, One Foot in the Grave

On imagination and the intervention in each other’s works at NonFinito exhibition

Tchelet Ram and Shahar Yahalom’s artworks stray between their designated exhibition spaces and visit each other. Shahar’s ceramic sculptures ground Tchelet’s memory garments with their materiality; they hold the door open for her, as a reminder of physical presence no longer there. The fragility of Tchelet’s wooden branch indicates the absent space in Shahar’s bench, defining boundaries for the visitors.
Shahar and Tchelet, friends and co-residents at Artport, will discuss their collaborative thought processes, the intervention in each other’s work and the differences and similarities between them.

As part of NonFinito 2021, Artport’s artists-in-residence group exhibition

Images: Lena Gomon

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Two Stones in the Hand, One Foot in the Grave

Artport's Events

Loving Art, Making Art

Artport is thrilled to participate in ‘Loving Art, Making Art’. Artport’s events that will take place as part of it are:

Thursday-Friday, 14-15.10
Open studio with the artists in residence program – Maayan Elyakim, Keren Gueller, Tomer Dekel, Ana Wild, Nardeen Srouji and Lali Fruheling.

Thursday, 6pm-10pm
Friday, 10am-2pm

Labor address 8, Tel Aviv

Thursday-Saturday, 14-16.10
Nonfinito Artport’s artists-in-residence group exhibition. Special opening hours
Thursday, 12pm10pm
Hamal 8 Tel Aviv

Saturday, 16.10
Golden Howls by artist Gal Nissim

“Golden Howls” is an audio and AR journey through the Ganei Yehoshua Park (Yarkon Park) + a talk with Liran Kanniel, director of the Birding Park, Ganei Yehoshua.

Saturday, 16.10, 4.30pm

Starting point:
Meeting point at the Sailing Lake plaza (in the northwest corner), Ganei Yehoshua, Tel Aviv

Participation is free of charge, but requirs pre-registration (limited to 50 people). To register.

When the sun set the howls begin, this is the singing of the Golden Jackals. They welcome the moon that symbolise the beginning of another day in their urban life.Participants are welcome to listen on their cellphones to a walk in the footsteps of the jackals and their cubs, follow in the footsteps of the Egyptian jackal “Anubis” and observe the various meeting points of man and wildlife, living around the park.

Through a designated app, in a 50-minute tour, participants will observe the park like they have never before. Viewed from their phone screen, they will discover more layers in the park’s story and the animals that inhabit it.

The tour:
The tour is a personal tour of each participant individually, and includes a 50-minute walk according to the instructions that will be heard by each participant’s headphones, through the app that will be downloaded to his or her phone device.

App details:
It is recommended to download the app in advance from the app stores or use the Web App (does not support AR). Please arrive with a charged headset and smartphone.

Download links:
Google Play
App Store
אפליקצית מוביל לא תומכת AR

Directions and parking:
For those with vehicles, a recommended parking:
Ganei Yehoshua parking lot, Rokach 94, Tel Aviv-Yafo (Ahuzat HaHof parking lot). From there walk the main path of the park heading south to the lake.
Ganei Yehoshua Park (Yarkon Park) – kurkar parking lot, entrance from Rokach Street, Ramat Gan, number 74 (free parking). From there walk through seven mills towards the northwest corner of the lake.

How to get to Ganei Yehoshua Park in Tel Aviv-Yafo, via public transportation:
Buses: 278, 44, 47, 48, 57
Israel Railways: Ashkelon – Netanya line, Beer Sheva Central line – Kfar Saba, Beit Shemesh – Netanya line, Binyamina – Rehovot line, Herzliya – Jerusalem / Yitzhak Navon line.

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Loving Art, Making Art

Residency Updates

Open Call for Israeli Artists Outside Tel Aviv

October 9th, 2021

Artport is thrilled to expand its activity promoting the local art community by inviting artists living outside Tel Aviv for a two-month fall residency.

The application is for Israeli artists only, residing within at least 100km outside of Tel Aviv.

For the Hebrew application click here

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Open Call for Israeli Artists Outside Tel Aviv


מחזור 2021-2022