More than Enough

A group show curated by Yarden Stern

“The hope of changing directions is always that we do not know where some paths may take us: risking departure from the straight and narrow, makes new futures possible, which might involve going astray, getting lost, or even becoming queer.” – Sara Ahemd.

The exhibition “More than Enough” assembles a group of Israeli artists, residing in Israel and overseas, who are united by their powerful harnessing of a queer perspective and approach that emanate from a risky departure from known and familiar pathways in favor of an exploration of possible new futures. These possibilities are necessarily predicated upon boundary breaking, which makes the inclusion of both local and international artists crucial. They represent a different understanding of the same, simple claim: that Israeli identity and queer identity are not oppositional but rather commensurate; that queerness is a part of Israeliness despite Israel’s heteronormative understandings of family, reproduction, and security. Moreover, these identifications make for a complex sense of self and a unique understanding of space and its occupation, be it private, communal, or national. The exhibition brings to fruition a wish to congregate and make community with others who challenge the mutually exclusive nature of a queer–Israeli identity, and continue to push the borders that shape and fix identity.

The title of the exhibition, “More than Enough”, introduces a semantic contradiction. On the one hand, it marks something as acceptable; on the other, it commands: “stop”. For queer subjects—those deemed excessive, eccentric, perverse, or troubling in their behavior or disposition—conditional acceptance is a highly common experience. But queer subjects also know that “More” and “Enough” are tied together in other ways, too: as conflicting imperatives that mark a boundary to breach; as a set of spatial relations awaiting exploration; and as a horizon of possibilities that challenges the logic of dichotomous and binary thinking. Exploring public and personal spaces, and the boundaries that separate them, from a distinctly queer perspective, the exhibition inquires: What happens when we deviate from the straight, narrow path and investigate the underexplored? What happens when the sidelines, where the queer and outcast historically reside, are invited to inhabit and transform the gallery space? What may be learned by inviting perspectives considered excessive to comment on the past, present, and future?

The group of artists gathered in “More than Enough”—Regev Amrani, Yinon Avior, Shir Cohen, Faina Georgiesh Feigin, Layla Klinger, Noga Or Yam, Dana Weingart, and Oded Yones—perform interventions in the space through various discourses and mediums, including sculpture, ceramics, installation, animation, and video art, to make space for difference, reinterpretation, and disruption. Their aesthetic, historical, and sociopolitical commitments are widely divergent, but they share an attitude and a sensibility that allow a distinctive kind of self and a promising kind of collectivity to emerge, one in which we go astray, get lost, and become queer as a way of coming together.

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  • Artists

    Regev Amrani, Yinon Avior, Shir Cohen, Faina Georgiesh Feigin, Layla Klinger, Noga Or Yam, Dana Weingart, and Oded Yones

  • Curator

    Yarden Stern

  • Address

    Ha’amal 8 st., Tel Aviv

  • Dates

    December 29th, 2023 – March 2nd 2024

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