Eduard Freudmann

Born 1979, lives and works in Vienna. He studied Fine Arts in Vienna and Weimar and is a Senior Artist at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In 2017 he completed his artistic habilitation and received the venia docendi for Transdisciplinary Art. Through his work, he explores the relationships and association between art and politics, power relations and social ties.

As an artist, he develops projects with a focus on performativity, installation and public space. His approach is characterized by transdisciplinary work, artistic research and critical discourse. He always strives to relate contemporary aesthetics with political analysis and, above all, to encourage a critical public. Freudmann produces his projects individually as well as in temporary collectives. He links interventionist and documentary strategies with narrative and fictitious elements and uses different formats and media. Self-reflexivity, critical knowledge production and political contextualization are the basis for his artistic practice which deals with the politics of commemoration and history, questions regarding archives, and the dilemma of the mediatization of the Shoah. Freudmann is interested in both official and unofficial history-political manifestations in public space as well as approaches to the writing of microhistory, e.g. through the transmission of family histories. His projects have been presented in exhibitions, biennials, film festivals and in public space.

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Eduard Freudmann


The White Elephant

Performance series (2012-2015)

The performance The White Elephant Archive traces stories from a family archive founded in 1979. It links contents of the archive with historical events and current political issues by means of documentary and object theatre.