Ana Wild

Ana Wild (1987, Tel-Aviv) is a performance and installation artist. Graduate of The School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem (2011) and DasArts, Amsterdam (2015).

Ana Wild is a young girl, a graceful punk, a memorisation maven, interested in voice, in speaking, in words, in knowledge-structures, in anthropology, history, mythology, poetry, graphic design, electricity, in creation ex-nihlis, in musicality, learning, understanding, duration, repetition, cyclicality, in Hebrew, in English, in French, in Arabic, in translation, in print, in magic, in adventure, in friendship, in agency and in power.

Between 2018-2019 she was a fellow in Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart. Wild is teaching in Olympus, a study program for artists at the Leibling Haus, and at the School of Visual Theatre. Lives and works in Tel-Aviv.

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Ana Wild



Performance, 2019

Making a Great Leap Forward!

Video, 2020

Memory Memory, Kwisatz Haderach

Performance, 2019

Dance Dance Find Solution

Installation, 2018

Ana Wild and the Techno Fertility Choir

Performance, 2018

Gravity and Grace

Performance, 2021

Techno Fertility // Songs of Possible Futures

Video, 2019
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