Special screening: Don't Work

Accompanied by intense electronic music by the duo Avia x Orly and without a script, Vayssié succeeds in creating a faithful record of the chaotic period in which we live. He alludes to the Situationist International slogan “Ne travaillez jamais” (“Never Work”) and the artistic strategies associated with the movement, to reflect on the legacy of the May ’68 protest movement and its relevance today.


With the support of the French Institute in Israel





Thursday, June 16th

Don’t Work

César Vayssié
2018 88 min

A wordless film set against a hypnotic soundtrack by Avia x Orly, Don’t Work (1968 – 2018) follows a year in the life of two art students studying in Paris, Elsa Michaud and Gabriel Gauthier. Grappling with love and searching for ways to make performance art matter politically in the face of an incessant cyclone of opinions and images, the two are representative of a generation overwhelmed by the constant onslaught of senseless images in daily life.

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