Artport's Art Book Fair

January 2017

In spite of the ongoing discourse on the death of print, artist’s books are thriving worldwide. Today, Art Bookfairs are happening in major cities such as London, Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York (where Artport has participates as well) and more.

On January 2015 the first Art Bookfair was held in Artport, Tel-Aviv. Ever since, a winter tradition has begun, which attracts thousands of visitors and costumers for one weekend of books and art.

Artport’s third Bookfair offers an artistic version to Israel’s book week – a weekend that allows artists to present and sell their one-of-a-kind Artist Book, which gives the observer a printed glimpse of the artist’s projects, that usually are not found in the ordinary bookshops.

Recently published artist’s books will be exhibited, amongst 200 other books. Some of the books were hand-bound, some were printed in workshops and some were made at home, using copiers. Throughout the fair, one can find artist’s books that are a continuation of an exhibition that was already held, but many are a singular artistic project that comes to life only on paper. All the books are pieces of art that stand solely for their artistic purpose which extends the artist medium.

In addition, this year’s fair will present ‘The White Gloves Room’ for the first time. This room will be dedicated for rare and valuable artist’s books that were handmade in different printing techniques, independently or in workshops (such as print workshop Harel in Tel-Aviv and print workshop in Jerusalem). These books are so delicate and precious, that in order to browse them, gloves must be worn.

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  • Address

    Ben-Zvi Road 55, Tel Aviv

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  • Opening hours

    Thursday 18:00 – 23:00, 26/1/2016
    Friday 10:00 – 16:00, 27/1/2016
    Saturday 10:00 – 18:00, 28/1/2016

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Participating Artists

Great artists such as Uri Gershuni, Alex Kremer, Zeev Engelmayer, David Tartakover and many more.

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  • Free entrance to all fair’s events
  • Personal meetings with artists
  • The fair is non-profit. All incomes are transformed directly to the participating artists
  • Cash payment and checks only

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