Artport's Art Book Fair

January 2015

Artport is excited to present the art world’s version of the Hebrew Book Week: for one weekend, artists will display and sell unique artist’s books, and allow a glimpse into printed projects that did not make their way to the regular book stores.

In the shadow of the reports of the imminent “death of print”, all across the world – artist’s books are thriving.

Throughout the fair, one can find artist’s books that are a continuation of an exhibition that was already held, but many are a singular artistic project that comes to life only on paper.

All the books are pieces of art that stand solely for their artistic purpose which extends the artist medium. Some of the books were hand-bound, others were printed in print houses, some made in home photocopiers. At the Fair, one could find also sketchbooks and limited edition books.

Free entrance

Among the articipating artists:

Uri Gershuni, Oren Fischer, Gil Marco, Michal Neeman, Know Hope, Klone and many more.

book fair candy final from Artport on Vimeo.

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