Artport's Art Book Fair

Thursday - Saturday 28-30.1.2016

In January 2015, Artport’s first Art Books Fair was held in Tel Aviv with great success, generating interest and curiosity and attracting hundreds of visitors.

This year, the fair returns for the second time with the art world’s version of the Hebrew Book Week: for one weekend, artists will display and sell unique artist’s books, and allow a glimpse into printed projects that did not make their way to the regular book stores.

The fair will feature over thirty new artist’s books published in the last year, alongside over one hundred other books. Some of the books were hand-bound, others were printed in print houses, some made in home photocopiers. A couple of them are an extension of a project displayed as an exhibition, many are art projects that only live in print, all are an art object that stands in its own right, expanding the artist’s practice.

In the shadow of the reports of the imminent “death of print”, all across the world – artist’s books are thriving. In recent years, art books fairs are held in London, Berlin, Paris, Los Angeles, New York (in which Artport took part), to name a few.

In addition to artist’s books, the fair will also feature selected Israeli and international art magazines. Recognizing the importance of the magazine medium and wishing to encourage writing about art, the fair will present different art magazine formats.

Artport’s Art Bookfair 2016 from Artport on Vimeo.

Artport's Art Bookfair 2017 from Artport on Vimeo.

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