NonFinito 2015

Artport's third

Artport’s year-end show will occur in arbitrary moments in time. Moments before the residents program is over, however, not necessarily when their projects have been completed. For most of the artists’ in Artport third year… One year is not a long time to create projects. Since many of the projects only began in Artport this year, they will only continue to bloom. Nonfinito is not quite a year end show, it is more of an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the artist’s process of creation before the projects are completely done, but while they are already prepared to be exposed to the public eye.
The boulevard of transparent studios in Artport is misleading. It allows you to believe that you can peep into a certain secret sector of the art world- and many of our visitors often ask to look inside. In a time of increasing popularity of studio visits and artist talks, the impression is that you can uncover the art making process by just moving a curtain and opening a door. Actually, Artport is a work space which chooses 6 artists annually to work on their individual projects. While at the site, most of the time people are; answering emails, speaking on the phone, editing movies, noting ideas, and mixing colors.

Can you even truly peep into this creative process? Can you put it in writing? In photos? In only a short visit?

Guy Goldstein has been busy in the last few years translating colors to sound and back. His ambitious projects include; numerous attempts, paintings, and prints- however, he only considers a few of them as completed works that will find their way into a gallery space. How does one decide when work is done? When is the translation only a draft and when is it a work of art? Looking into some of the papers he has left behind in his meticulous sorting process will raise questions about the differing eyes of the artist, curator, and audience.

Hinda Weiss accumulates video material in the real world and transforms the footage into ongoing surreal scenes. She collects material from the here and now, and in her studio she manipulates the footage by deconstructing it and reassembling it to blur the lines between the tenses. Through this action she tries to decipher how the past, present, and future can all exist at once.

Natalia Zourbaova was constantly painting throughout the year. In the last two months of the year she got stuck at Artport’s shared kitchen and began repeating the process of documenting the weekly cooking routine. In the exhibition, Natalia will expose the long process that leads to her final pictures. She will display the numerous repeated attempts of drawings, some done later when looking with fresh eyes and returning to the same spot in place and time.

Tzion Abraham Hazan dedicated this year to creating two movies that will only be released in 2016. In the exhibition, Tzion will present a video installation that will reveal the methods that he is using for his film. Tzion addresses the manner in which the angle chosen to shoot a video establishes a certain body image and the connection of that image to a tangible experience.

Ron Amir is a long-term photographer, his last project took him 12 years. His photos taken in Cholot detention center uncover the reality of temporariness and transition. These photos are only the beginning of the relationship Ron has built with people who yearn for him more than anything.

Public Movement will operate Debriefing 2- a one on one with an agent of public movement during which a complex array of connections and conversations that were a part of the groups research about modern art done in Palestine prior to 1948 is being displayed. Debriefing is using their moment of passage or transformation between research and action. By transforming the debriefed audience to agents of information. The action of debriefing while the work is still being finalized is a sort of rehearsal to examine and to shape the action and thus the participants and their reaction has an impact on the final structure of the action.

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  • Artists

    Guy Goldstein, Hinda Weiss, Ron Amir, Natalia Zourabova,Tzion Abraham Hazan and Public Movement

  • Curator

    Vardit Gross

  • Address

    Ben-Zvi Road 55, Tel Aviv

  • Dates

    14.07.2015 – 29.08.2015

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