NonFinito 2013

Artport's first alumni exhibition

Non Finito is neither a group show, nor an end-of-year exhibition. Instead, it is a celebration of twelve months of intellectual exchange and cohabitation between the first six Israeli residents of Artport: artists Einat Amir,
Rafram Chaddad, Ido Michaeli, Yair Perez, Ronit Porat, and curator Maayan Sheleff.

The Italian term Non Finito [unfinished] is mainly used to define an art technique, and was originally related to certain works by Renaissance artists, such as Donatello and Michelangelo. Mainly associated with the medium of sculpture, it also became a way to underline a deliberate desire for presenting ideas that are not yet completely developed. Furthermore, the use of Non Finito became a statement by those artists, whose confidence allowed them to go beyond their constraints, challenging their usual practices outside their comfort zone.

Following this notion, Non Finito aims to showcase ideas, objects, experiments, and interventions that have not reached their final stages and are yet to be experienced. Continuing her performative practice based on social experimentations, Einat Amir will present studies of her upcoming project, to be presented at the Petach Tikva Museum of Art in the fall.
Probably for the first time, Rafram Chaddad will transform his usually ephemeral and relational works into commodities: he will literally produce art objects encapsulating his unique personal history.

Bringing the notion of “open studio” to a higher level of sophistication, Ido Michaeli will exhibit the current stage of his project, which will be presented at The Sharon Garden known as Ha’chashmal [electricity] Garden, in Tel Aviv. He will turn his workspace at Artport into an architect studio, unveiling his master plan and research, regarding this historical urban site of Tel Aviv.
Usually working with traditional media such as painting, drawing, and sculpture, Yair Perez will instead push himself onto a new stage of creativity, transforming Lucie Fontaine’s empty studio into a hybrid of an installation and a tableaux vivant.
Ronit Porat will translate the introspective and self-analysis characteristics of her work, into an act of clearing the studio, only to then reinstall it within the gallery space. The intimate space of the deconstructed studio will serve as an examining room for her current work in progress.

Questioning, in a very subtle way, the ever more blurring boundary between art-making and exhibition-making, curator Maayan Sheleff – who played a pivotal role in this first year of residency at Artport – will present her new and exciting invention.

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  • Artists

    Rafram Chaddad, Ido Michaeli, Einat Amir, Ronit Porat, Yair Perez and Maayan Shellef.

  • Maayan Shellef

  • Address

    Ben-Zvi Road 55, Tel Aviv

  • Dates

    18.07.2013 – 27.07.2013

  • Press

    Xnet on NonFinito

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