Living as Form

A local version of Living as Form, NY; Social art of the last twenty years

Artport are pleased to present the local version of the New York-based exhibition Living as Form – exhibited in New York in 2011 by the art organization Creative Time and has since been shown in local versions around the world in collaboration with ICI.

“Living as Form” presents the wide variety of socially involved art and its various modes of operation around the world as well as in Israel. From a ship that goes out to extraterrestrial water and operates abortions in countries where it is forbidden to a choir singing complaints from around the world, from Vic Moniz’s work with garbage sorters in Brazil to the foreign workers’ library at Levinsky Garden in southern Tel Aviv, from the destroyed homes Chris Lowe has rebuilt in Texas to giant chalks placed by Allora & Calzadilla throughout the world, “Living as Form” presents art that tries to change reality.

Socially involved art challenges traditional artistic discourse as it adopts goals and techniques from non-art related fields and mixes the various categories – community work, urban planning, civic agendas, tradition preservation, revolutions and more. It is often difficult to define them as art, but it is always interesting and important to test and try to define their influence.

By nature it is difficult to view these actions in the gallery. The archival representation – through images, video and text is a mere pale shadow of the real action that has taken place. And yet, the phenomenon’s scope, the wide geographic range, and diverse nature of those actions, indicate the way such works fit into the social and political arena and become part of a new reality.

The original exhibition was presented by Creative Time in New York, 2011, curated by Nato Thompson

Local version curators: Vardit Gross, Sigal Barnir, and Yael Moriah Klein. Advisor: Leah Abir.

Participants include the Architecture Biennale in Bat Yam, Artim Orginization (Levinsky Library), Angelo Burgo Cobro, Susan Lacey, Katrina Sade, Alora and Calzadilla, Vic Muniz, Rick Lowe, Ai Weiwei, Bread and Roses, Amir Tomashov, Nissan Almog, Meir Tati and many others.

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  • Curators

    Vardit Gross, Sigal Barnir, and Yael Moriah Klein

  • Address

    55 Ben Zvi Road, Tel Aviv

  • Dates

    26.12.2013 – 1.3.2013

  • Opening date

    Thursday, December 26th, 2013, 8pm

  • Press

    Timeout, TLV (Hebrew)

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