World of Awe: Object of Desire

Virtual walkthrough and conversation with Yael Kanarek

Yael Kanarek’s World of Awe is a multi-platform universe that is wholly unique in the history of internet art. Kanarek, an Israeli artist based in New York and among the first generation of internet artists, created this ambitious project 25 years ago, which can now be seen as a moment of transition from the first internet age, praising hypertexts and anonymity, to the current age, that of sociality, collectivity and constant connectivity as a form of hope.
Celebrating a 25-year milestone to this groundbreaking project, Kanarek, in dialogue with Dr. Lior Zalmanson, will be our guide as we collectively walk through World of Awe, and discuss the questions it raises and different tendencies in internet.
In current times, when the internet is perceived not only as a platform to expose art, but also as a medium for creative expression, we have the pleasure of returning to an art work that preceded this trend by many years and laid the foundations to what is known today as
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World of Awe’s most central components are three websites, each is a chapter comprising the WOA trilogy. Its narrative follows a nameless Traveler in the endlessly yielding landscape in a state of perpetual dawn and dusk, “Sunrise/Sunset,” entered through a portal in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. Communicating only through poetic love letters, the Traveler diaristically shares discoveries and travails with their Beloved, who remains on the other side. The work challenges t

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