White City

Online Screening and Artist Talk with Dani Gal

White City addresses the complex figure of one of the founders of Zionism, Arthur Ruppin, who was briefly an ardent supporter of the binational state idea as well as an enthusiastic researcher of race. It focuses on his 1933 meeting with German eugenicist Hans F.K. Günther, whose studies greatly influenced Nazi racial theory.

The film shows Ruppin as he visits the Weissenhof Estate, a neighborhood in Stuttgart famous for its modern architecture style, and experiences flashbacks which reflect his views. The monologues and dialogues within this film are based mainly on Ruppin’s diaries.
White City is the third part of a trilogy featured at Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 2014, which was preceded by Night and Fog (2011) and As from Afar (2013).

Screening: Thursday, Apr 16th 2020, the film “White City” will be available for online viewing between 8 pm to 9 pm (Israel Time).
Duration: 25 min. German with Hebrew and English subtitles

Artist talk: Right after the screening, Saturday at 9 pm (Israel Time) on Zoom, Dani Gal in conversation with Gilad Reich.

Watch the recorded conversation

Artport’s online film screenings and conversations with local and intentional video artists are part of Art/Doc – Artist Film Festival (artistic director: Gilad Reich), which will be held at Artport in the coming months. The festival will present video works created by artists who operate on the line between art and cinema, searching for new visual languages in order to represent, touch and intervene with aspects of reality.

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    Artist Talk (Recorded)

  • Date

    Thursday, April 16th, 2020

  • Time

    Screening: 8pm-9pm
    Artist Talk: 9pm

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