Two Stones in the Hand, One Foot in the Grave

A conversation with artists Shahar Yahalom and Tchelet Ram

On imagination and the intervention in each other’s works at NonFinito exhibition

Tchelet Ram and Shahar Yahalom’s artworks stray between their designated exhibition spaces and visit each other. Shahar’s ceramic sculptures ground Tchelet’s memory garments with their materiality; they hold the door open for her, as a reminder of physical presence no longer there. The fragility of Tchelet’s wooden branch indicates the absent space in Shahar’s bench, defining boundaries for the visitors.
Shahar and Tchelet, friends and co-residents at Artport, will discuss their collaborative thought processes, the intervention in each other’s work and the differences and similarities between them.

As part of NonFinito 2021, Artport’s artists-in-residence group exhibition

Images: Lena Gomon

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  • Artists

    Shahar Yahalom and Tchelet Ram

  • Address

    8 Ha’Amal st.

  • Date

    Tuesday, October 12th

  • Time


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