The Way Some People Talk

Yonatan Sagiv and Oded Wolkstein in conversation

In the exhibition “Hundred Muscle Army”, Effi and Amir tell the human stories of those whose identity has been deconstructed into their vocal apparatus and reduced to a single sound, which they can or cannot produce, and the way the system looks at them.

In the book “The Way Some People Talk”, which starts on the day he lost his voice, Yonatan Sagiv traces the silenced voice, which is later revealed during its restoration journey as a black box of deletions, scars and silences. While Sagiv’s memoir and Effi and Amir’s exhibition were created with no intended connection, these works that saw light simultaneously, refer and echo one another in the way they sketch the complex relationships between voice, speech and identity.

*The talk will be held in Hebrew.

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  • Date

    Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

  • Time


  • Participants

    Yonatan Sagiv and Oded Wolkstein

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