Non-Player Character

Live Animation Performance by Amir Yatziv

Spectacular simulations of a Mediterranean landscape are projected on a screen in a dark space. Between weeping willows and desert sands, walls of buildings and stubborn thorns, computerized figures emerge like savages, as in a dream. This is an innovative military range. The computerized characters are the targets in the range. Waiting. 

A new character is introduced into the range—an avatar; a real actor wearing an animation suit that copies his movements onto the screen. The characters on screen imitate the person, who, in turn, imitates them in an endless loop of simulation that strives to create a reality, and of a reality imprisoned within endless simulation; an impossible vicious circle of characters that no one really sees, whether on or off screen. 

Actor: Uri Dicker

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  • Artist

    Amir Yatziv

  • Address

    8 Ha’Amal st.

  • Date

    Thursday, October 7th

    Another performance of Non Player Character will take place on October 21st at 8pm

  • Time


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Entry will only be possible upon presentation of one of the following: Vaccine certificate, recovery certificate, or a negative COVID-19 test result.

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