Moon Calendar Launch Event

Maayan Elyakim

An edition of 48 prints portraying the moon phases for 2022 by artist Maayan Elyakim.

Natural pigments and screen prints on cotton paper, 56.5×42 cm

Each calendar shows the moon phases that will appear in the night skies, for each day throughout 2022.

The cosmic element associated with the moon is water. According to the “Emerald Tablet” the moon is considered the archetype mother and supreme power. She affects the tides, the rise and fall of water levels, she is in constant change and enables the conditions for transformation. Ideas, thoughts and feelings melt and dissolve, just as the moon melts the months and days that pass, making way for change and revival.

The Moon Calendars are made by screen printing (repeating a stenciled image) on original works by Maayan Elyakim, which he created using marbling techniques on paper.

The uniqueness and distinction of each calendar and each moon printed on it, emphasize the tension between creation, change and revival, between the ephemeral and the eternal. The calendars are intended to exist accordingly – they are sold at an accessible price and a large edition so they can hand on people’s walls, in homes and offices, and remind us of the constant cycle and movement of the universe in relation to our daily lives.

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  • Artist

    Maayan Elyakim

  • Address

    8 Haamal str., Tel Aviv

  • Date

    Friday, January 7th, 2022

  • Time


  • Guidelines

    Entrance will be allowed in compliance with the Green Pass guidelines

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