Gallery Weekend

Tour in the exhibition 'Sight Lines' and projection of 'Wall Piece'

Gallery Weekend is a joint event of Tel Aviv’s galleries and art spaces, which will open their doors to public on July 2nd-July 4th, 2020.

Artport is excited to be a part of it! Through out this weekend will host several events:

– “Sight Lines” exhibition –
Open Thursday July 2nd until 10pm!

The exhibition featuring new works based on 16mm film, explores questions of truth, knowledge and aesthetics through the use of the analog medium.
New technologies that emerged in recent decades have damaged the status of analog photography and its associated values. No longer a single-use, reliable photo, but a digital, multi-faceted, ever-changing and manipulative world. The works in the exhibition reflect on these gaps, while observing and examining the materiality of the film itself. Using the character of the film as a registrar of time and as a registrar of place, illuminating the way we experience, remember and acquire knowledge, while pondering some of the great narratives of modernity – nationalism, capitalism and progress – that modernity with which the analog image is so closely associated.

– Tour with the exhibition’s curator Gilad Reich –
Friday, July 3rd, 12pm

– ‘Wall Piece’, Dor Zlekha Levy –
Thursday, July 2nd, 8:30pm – 10:30pm, projection on Ha’Manor and Ha’Amal st.

‘Wall Piece’ is a site-specific projection installation occurring in the space between Artport’s resident Dor Zlekha Levy’s studio and the wall of a building viewed from his window. Over the past few months, the artist photographed the wall under different lighting conditions, compiled the photographs and processed them digitally.
The complex, layered images that were created are projected back onto the wall from the studio’s window. The neglected wall, which stands completely dark during the night, is then exposed through the projection. Its central formative elements – the window frame, the remains of dripping white wall paint, the peeling plaster, the crumbling bricks, the plastic tubes – are also repeated in the projected images, creating a range of optical illusions.
In a feedback loop, the wall resonates itself and becomes infinite, a prolific ground for artistic action and a new perspective, which reconfigures the familiar urban space.

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  • Address

    8 Ha’Amal st.

  • Dates

    July 2nd – July 4th, 2020

  • Opening hours

    Thurs: 10am – 10pm
    Fri-Sat: 10am – 2pm

  • Guidelines

    Entrance to the gallery will be allowed under the Ministry of Health guidelines:
    Entry will be allowed to a maximum of 20 people at a given time.
    Entry will require wearing a face mask (ages 7 and up), maintaining a 2-meter distance, measuring body temperature and responding to a health statement.
    Hand sanitizers will be available for visitors.

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