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A lecture by art historian and philologist Pauline Yermakova

How can a landscape painted almost 200 years ago inspire a modern artist? What tradition does Natalya  Zubarova follow? What rules does she break when she turns to the work of a 19th-century serf painter? And what is the secret of the Russian landscape as a genre?

We will talk about this and many other things with the art historian, philologist and publisher Pauline Yermakova, author and editor of many books on art and museums.

Yermakova is a post-graduate of the Department of Theory and History of Foreign Literature at St. Petersburg State University, and a MA graduate of the Faculty of History of Arts at European University at St. Petersburg. She worked in publishing at the State Hermitage Museum and the Fabergé Museum in Saint Petersburg.

Tuesday, April 4th, 7:30 pm

* The lecture will be held in English 

Gallery Talk – Artist Natalia Zourabova in conversation with Curator Vardit Gross 

Friday Mar 17th, 12pm

Maquettes Workshop – With artist Natalia Zourabova

*Maquettes are small models created to plan bigger objects such as sculptures, decors, or buildings. You will find examples of maquettes in our current exhibition “Arad” by Natalia Zourabova.

In this workshop you will experiment with scale and form to create your own maquette.

The small models that accompany the exhibition represent the various scenes: they deconstruct and reassemble them into scaled down sets, into theater stage maquettes. These are landscapes that are constructed after the painting, trying to imitate and expand it. More than they reflect reality, they reflect the pictorial reality: a desert generated by glued paper surfaces painted blue and yellow; a snow-clad valley made of corrugated paper; a broken perspective that reproduces the one captured in the painting. An attempt to build a world all her own, originating in the canvas.

In a sense, the maquettes are a continuation of Zourabova’s attempt to undermine the single perspective on the picture. She tries to break the painterly frame, whether by making the painting panoramic and trying to furnish it with the angles and depth of reality, or by expanding it beyond the traditional square. The scaled down models also allow us to choose our point of view: They reveal the world behind the picture, and allow us to expand the scene, to discover more about the play.

*The workshop and talk will be held in Hebrew

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  • Artist

    Natalia Zourabova

  • Address

    Ha’Amal 8, Tel Aviv

  • Date

    Tuesday, April 4th, 7:30 pm

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