Documentary Winter Screenings

Eva Hesse

Screening of the film “Eva Hesse”
Free Entrance, screening will take place in the gallery

The story of Eva Hesse could provide material for at least a dozen (mostly dark) documentaries. This one, made 45 years after her death, focuses on the inner strength and creativity that led her to use the personal drama of her own life to become one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century. Born in Germany during the “Years of Horror,” as a three-year-old Hesse was smuggled out at the last minute on a Kindertransport and placed in a monastery. At ten, she lost her mother to suicide. Talented and beautiful, she became a super star in the New York art scene of the 1960s, by shattering the barriers between her personal life and her art, and living constantly on the edge. This film is based on her personal diaries, which she kept religiously until her death at 32.

Director: Marcie Begleiter
Production: Karen S. Shapiro, Michael P. Aust
Production Company: Bdks Productions
Editing: Azin Samari
Cinematography: Nancy Schreiber
Research & Soundtrack: Karen Shapiro
Music: Andreas Schäfer, Raffael Seyfried

Docaviv Festival 2016

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  • Address

    55 Ben Zvi Rd., Tel Aviv

  • Date

    Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

  • Time


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