Democratic Rain

DEMOCRATIC RAIN 01 – TEL AVIV is an open-source-installation on a public square and in the Internet. It invites all local and virtual passers-by to participate via their smartphones or computers, by answering the question: WHAT DOES DEMOCRACY MEAN TO YOU?

The RAIN consists of A4 sheets, free-falling from a CLOUD in the shape of a high-hanging-printer , to a public square in Tel Aviv. Each paper represents an individual answer that was sent via the website, in the days before the event and during the event itself in real time.
The event wants to re-explore the concept of democracy, and it’s manifestation in the street. It connects the virtual sphere, that has become the common arena of free speech, to the physical public space, which has lost it’s role as a place of assembly, dialog, debate and encounter.

The Project was developed by artist Omi Scheiderbauer with the artists at Artport TLV residency artists during a collaborative workshop.

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  • Artists

    Omi Scheiderbauer, Einat Amir, Rafram Hadad, Masami, ido Michaeli, Tamara Moyzes, Ronit Porat, Yair Peretz and Maayan Sheleff

  • Dates

    Spring 2013

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