Curator Talk with Daria Kravchuk (Moscow)

Curator, Museologist and Art Journalist

Invested in art and theory, Daria Kravchuk, Moscow-based curator, museologist and art journalist is currently pursuing her curatorial research at Artport Tel Aviv residency program. Her recent curatorial practice focuses on the topics of re-framing museum collections, rethinking «the everyday», researching projects that are conceptual, interventionist, contextual, socially engaged and locally involved.

Part of her on-going research is the theme of “Museum in the City and City in the Museum”, which on one hand opens up questions related to cultural policies that affect the emergence of new formats of art institutions, and on the other – analyzes the interconnection between the urbanization processes and artistic practices, which are mirroring these developments

Image: Zory by Nicholas Grospierre

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    Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

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