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The Craft of Translation Closing Event

Live musical performance by the artist Eje Eje

Date: Thursday, May 16, at 20:00

Eje Eje (Itamar Kliger) is a musician and multi-instrumentalist focusing on string instruments, and founder of the band Satellites. Over the years, Kliger has explored folk music with a focus on regions near Israel, including North Africa, the Middle East, the Fertile Crescent, and Central Asia. His music is characterized by faithful adherence to the original and respect for tradition, while also pushing boundaries, seeking freedom from strict doctrines, and exploring yet-to-be-discovered points of fusion.

In 2023, he released his album “The Five Seasons,” drawing inspiration from the Chinese worldview in which there are five seasons—Winter, Spring, Summer, Late Summer, and Autumn. The album seeks to bridge the Western and Eastern perspectives and explores the similarities and differences between them. Like Vivaldi’s renowned work “The Four Seasons,” which tells a story allowing listeners to understand the seasons as Vivaldi experienced them, Kliger’s album aims to present an individual and subjective interpretation of the seasons and convey the personal stories they hold. At the same time, it underscores that everything is connected to form a larger narrative, both national and global. The music allows for an escape from the indoors to the landscapes outside, evoking a yearning and a deep desire for exotic adventure.

Gallery talk between the exhibition curator, Vardit Gross, and Ido Michaeli

Friday, March 15, 2024, at 12 pm

Exhibition tour with Ido Michaeli

Saturday, March 16, 2024, at 11 am

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  • Artist

    Ido Michaeli

  • Curator

    Vardit Gross

  • Dates

    Thursday, May 16, at 20:00

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