Artist Talk with Todd Shalom

The artist talk can often feel stale, hierarchical and one-sided, with the artist on a pedestal and the audience as plebeians. Join Todd Shalom in an artist talk that will involve active audience participation, and of course, some walking. Todd will talk about Elastic City, the participatory walks organization he started in 2010 and together, using techniques from various walks, the audience will respond poetically to the immediate environment around Artport.

About Todd Shalom:

Todd Shalom works with text, sound and image to re-contextualize the body in space using vocabulary of the everyday. He is the founder and director of Elastic City. Elastic City intends to make its audience active participants in an ongoing poetic exchange with the places we live in and visit. Artists are commissioned by Elastic City to create their own walks for the public, often using sensory-based techniques, reinvented folk rituals and other exercises to investigate and intervene with the daily life of the city, its variously defined communities, and the politics of individual and group identity.

Works by Todd Shalom

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  • Artist

    Todd Shalom

  • Address

    Ben-Zvi Road 55, Tel Aviv

  • Date

    Monday, March 23rd, 2015

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