Artist Talk with Tamara Moyzes

Artist Tamara Moyzes will present two works in process:

“Gypsy Black Panthers in the Czech Republic – The First and Last Media Intifada in the Czech Republic” and “When Political Art and Activism Share the Same Practices
Popular art or artism?”

Tamara Moyzes’s works are characterized by political orientation. In her work she does not choose an academic approach but prefers a direct approach – she does not respond to reality from a distance but takes part in the story. The people featured in her fiction-like documentaries are not actors, and their “role” only highlights their situation.

Tamara uses a combination of documentary, pathetic and humorous scenes to reflect social controversies. The parody-like attendance of the various issues is a strategy that does not alleviate the situation, but on the contrary: it presents its explosive nature openly. Tamara Moyzes uses video as a political and tactical tool.

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  • Artist

    Tamara Moyzes

  • Address

    55 Ben Zvi Road, Tel Aviv

  • Date

    Thursday, May 9th, 2013

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