Artist Talk with Carolina Boettner & Rosario Aróstegui

Frankfurt/Buenos Aires

International artists-in-residence Carolina Boettner & Rosario M. Aróstegui will discuss their previous works and share their plans for their residency at Artport.

During their stay in Tel Aviv, they plan to work in a rhizomatic way, with the city as the protagonist by generating an interactive installation in a space that invites visitors to explore new perspectives. When referring to the rhizomatic, their pieces represent the nonlinear network that “connects any point to any other point”, as described by Deleuze and Guattari.

Using pieces developed by both artists, the result of this emerging collective piece will constantly be growing and reinterpreted, looking to develop new dialogues and deviations between the pieces. Although they will differ in scale and material, together, they will compose a piece that engages the public in an immersive experience.

Carolina Boettner, Argentine German video-sound artist, works between Frankfurt, Berlin, and Buenos Aires. Since her first approach to the audiovisual arts, Carolina has focused her practice on a deconstructive attitude of what surrounds her. Deconstructions takes the established concepts and displays how behind each of these concepts one finds its contradictions, its hidden zones, its defeat, its others, its shadows. Deconstructions reveal the reasons that have led to the interpretation of that reality that structure that structure our life today. Revealing what is implicit in the subject is what motivates the artist to create audiovisual installations that highlight each part of the whole and invite the viewer to an immersive experience.

Rosario M. Aróstegui, Argentine German visual artist, works between Frankfurt and Buenos Aires.

“My work is a process of personal exploration and questioning. I am inspired by human nature: man’s constant confrontation with himself, and his desire of finding a balance when facing a world in constant transformation and in which the ephemeral predominates. Each work is unique, just as each person’s desire is to be unique.  A creative path of deconstruction and reconstruction in order to reach introspection and silence in our inner soul.”

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  • Address

    10 Hamanor str. Tel Aviv

    1st floor

  • Date

    Monday, September 19th, 2022

  • Time

    7:30 pm

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