'And Other Stories'

A Story Reading Event

Beyond Netai Halup’s concrete sculptures hover stories about different creatures: From The Spleenón, the Pons, the Darglám to his grandfather, Halup weaves tales ranging between reality and fiction.

As part of his exhibition ‘And Other Stories’, we’re excited to invite you to a reading event alongside Halup’s concrete sculptures, where his stories will be read for the first time by four voices.

Assuming that anything is possible and the works will embark on their independent path in any event, all that is left for Halup is to take his place as yet another body in the cluster of bodies he has created. He is no longer the parent watching from above, but rather plays an active role in the newly-created world. Even if we wanted to stop the story, it would be impossible because it is endless.

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  • Artist

    Netai Halup

  • Curator

    Naama Haneman

  • Address

    Haamal st. 8, Tel Aviv

  • Date

    Friday, August 19th, 2022

  • Time


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