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How to Navigate the Film Festival Circuit

A Short Guide for Film Artists

Film festivals have long since been a major hub for films made outside of the commercial film industry. At the same time, the number of contemporary artists who focus on filmmaking and call themselves filmmakers continues to grow, redefining the moving image and challenging the concept of “film” as we know it. In response to these trends, film festivals around the world are expanding the frames in which such films are screened. Not only do they present them to a wide audience, but they also fully support them: from helping with funding, through integrating the films into various screening programs to the distribution phase. How are film festivals related to the video works of contemporary artists? Which film festivals play a significant role in institutionalizing art films as part of cinematic culture? And how do you make your film fit into the world of film festivals, especially if you are an artist making his/her first steps in this world?

Evgeny Gusyatinsky is a curator and film critic working in the fields of cinema and contemporary art. He has been one of the programmers for the International Film Festival Rotterdam (since 2011), and the curator of Garage Screen, Moscow (since 2018). Gusyatinsky is a guest with Artport’s International Residency Program.

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    Workshop with Evgeny Gusyatinskiy

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    Friday, June 17th 2022

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