'A Part from Me' Catalogue Launch

Artport is pleased to invite you to A Part from Me
Catalogue Launch.

A residential apartment is being built inside Artport gallery. Front door, kitchen, bedroom, window, driveway. Its boundaries are fluid—the gallery’s interior and the apartment’s exterior blend; its identity is unclear—vacant but teeming with signs of life; its definition is blurred—a proposal for a dwelling within a gallery, inside a new white building, amid old garages, in a neighborhood undergoing transformation from a business to a residential zone, during a period in which people stay behind closed doors.

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  • Naama Arad and Tchelet Ram

  • Curator

    Vardit Gross

  • Address

    10 Hamanor st. Tel Aviv

  • Date

    Saturday, April 17th, 2021

  • Time


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