Rani Lavie

Rani Lavie (born in 1978) is a curator and part of the founding and managing team at gallery and theater Hanut 31 in south Tel Aviv. He studied History and Philosophy at Tel Aviv University and screen-based art at Bezalel academy of art.

Lavie has curated numerous exhibitions in the large vitrines fronting the street, establishing an intersection point between public sphere and an art site on a daily basis.

Alongside his visual art practice, Lavie is involved in other fields. He was part of “Maakaf” journal for dance, and led several performance events at Hanut 31 and other places.

In an era of homogeneity of art sites and their tendency to become “non-places”, Lavie deals with designated platform initiation and the everyday usage of it; as a tool for redefining relations between art and the historical-political conditions in which it is presented and read.

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Rani Lavie



2014 Artport
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