Petra Hudcova

Petra Hudcova is interested in the way our perception is shaped by mechanisms of power through architecture, urbanism and art works in public spaces. She is drawn to phenomena, often ideological, which reflect certain failed dreams and attempt to manipulate people’s perception and vulnerability. In recent years, her works have been inspired by architecture; urbanism and art works in public spaces in the period of modernism, especially in Casablanca (Morocco), Dakar (Senegal) and Chandigarh (India). These places are examples of modernism marked by cultural translations into totally different political, social, technological, economic conditions. They somehow display modernism’s ineffective ambition for social change.

Hudcova questions whether it’s possible to break any given narrative and to what extent it is in an individual’s capacity to create his/her own perspective or a storyline. She works by exploring the subject through drawing and collecting photographic material. Results can range from installations, collage, photographs to light/video projections. She uses geometric shapes and compositions that traditionally refer to non-objective ideals as an ambition to invoke something sublime, especially within an ideological context.

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Petra Hudcova


Commemorating a Dusty Afternoon


Video, 03:00 min

קראו עוד
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