Maayan Elyakim

Maayan Elyakim is a multidisciplinary artist, a graduate of the Bezalel Department of Art, living and working in Tel Aviv.

Elyakim works in a wide variety of media, including sculpture, installation, photography, video and print. His works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in museums, galleries and in the public space. Among others, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Bat Yam Museum, Petah Tikva Museum, Sommer Gallery and Midrasha Gallery in Tel Aviv.

Over the years, he has won many grants and awards, including the Nata Dushnitsky-Kaplan Award, Schocken Foundation Grant, Artis, Asylum Arts, the Rabinovich Foundation and more. In 2017, Elyakim created “Mirror Pool”, a pigment-based work, exhibited in Europe Square in Tel Aviv, which includes a large floor relief based on the map of the sky, and is currently working on a public sculpture that will be established next to the Bat Yam Museum of Art. Elyakim lectures in the Art Department at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, and at the Shenkar School of Multidisciplinary Art.

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Maayan Elyakim


Blue Ringed Octopus

2013, Mahogany, marbled paper, earthenware, octopus Ink

Dimensions: 120/38/38 cm

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2013, Silver steel, blue candles, carrara marble, bracelet, industrial paint

Dimensions: 27/27/20 cm

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2016, Natural pigment on paper

Dimensions: 101/66.5 cm

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Red Giant

2013, Cardboard, Formica laminate, quartz surface, paper, samovar

Dimensions: 220/180/40 cm

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2018, Bird-of-paradise flower, water, glass, plywood and cherry veneer

Dimensions: 138/15/15 cm

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2018, Titanium, brass, silver, snail shell, pencil on paper, felt, plywood and cherry veneer

138/80/95 ; 7/17/5 cm

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Untitled (bookmach #1)

2016, Mixed media on paper in artist frame

Dimensions: 60/37 cm

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Pineal Gland

2013, Archival inkjet print

Dimensions: 180/120 cm

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2010-2014, Bronze cast, industrial paint, brass, archival inkjet print

Dimensions: 160/20/20 cm

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