Katharina Schuecke

The work practise of Katharina Schücke evolves around the question of what constitutes an image today, in a time with constant overload of information and imagined desires through media. Her interests lies in identites, bodies and the shaping of both. Such as first and foremost the internet, where the background less and less frequently rises through the shining surfaces, she collects imagery from to create expressive drawings through collage.

Schückes work practise includes to also foster colaborations with further experts. After organising ephemeral exhibitions in hotel rooms called Soft Walls Become Water wwww, an intensive collective work has developed since 2016, she has been working as part of artist collective HazMatLab intensively. In sharing knowledge, supporting individual expertise and gaining knowledge in their experiment-based sculptural work with Sandra Havlicek and Tina Kohlmann HazMatLab pushes forward the boundaries of the perception of contemporary art practise. See interview on artfridge for some details.

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Katharina Schuecke




silver gelatine on paper

113 x 152 cm

HazMat 1, installation view at basis Frankfurt