Diana Tamane

Born in Riga, Latvia in 1986. Lives and works in Tartu, Estonia.

Diana Tamane works mainly with photography and video using autobiographical elements such as memory, everyday routines and personal events. Starting with tiny movements and awkward gestures she is following long roads from the East to the West of Europe. Often her family members are the main characters of her work.

Though Tamane’s work might be mistaken as centering purely on the micro-cosmic, ultimately it deploys the personal sphere and family nucleus to reflect on wider, macro-cosmic issues: historical and political transformations, working class life, of changes in global production and consumption circuits and labour conditions, suggesting those momentous shifts that occurred after the so-called ‘end of history’, through a decidedly anthropocentric and highly personal narrative.

Tamane has graduated from the Tartu Art College (BA) and Sint-Lukas School of Arts Brussels (MA). In 2015–2016 she attended HISK post-academic program in Ghent, Belgium.  Tamane’s work has been exhibited at Fotomuseum Winterthur (Switzerland), 1st Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (Latvia), A Gentil Carioca gallery (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), CCI Fabrika (Moscow, Russia), Riga Photography Biennial (Latvia),  Triumph Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Kathmandu Triennial (Nepal), Surplus Space (Wuhan, China), Kim? Contemporary Art Centre (Riga, Latvia), S.M.A.K. (Ghent, Belgium), Tartu Art Museum (Estonia) etc.

In recent years Tamane has received Kim? Residency Award (2019, Riga, Latvia), the Riga Photography Biennial Award (2018 Latvia), Outset Estonia – Estonian Photographic Art Fair Acquisition Fund (2017 Estonia), Development grant from the Flemish Government, Ministry of Culture (2017 Belgium), ’Friends of the S.M.A.K. Prize’ (2016 Ghent, Belgium) and was selected as Young Belgian Talent by FotoMuseum (FoMu) (2016 Antwerp, Belgium).

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Diana Tamane


Family Portrait

2013 - work in progress

Stills from videos

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