Benjamin Tejero

Benjamin Tejero is a French artist, living in Prague for the last three years. His practice and research are often inspired by personal experiences. Through artistic action he takes some distance in order to unveil the common essence of things. For him, the individual is a unity, but he is also made of differences. Benjamin Tejero is looking for the other side. He is interested in subjects that are illicit, surreptitious, unacknowledged, disgusting in the eyes of neophytes. With his publishing practice he wants to highlight stories from subcultures and marginal communities, largely invisible in our societies. Each of his works is the result of a collection of real testimonials and takes the form of drawings, photographs or ceramics to deliver social questions.

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Benjamin Tejero


Calais Jangal


Installation created for JUNGLES exhibition at 6b. Through thirty drawings rearranged in the manner of a toile de Jouy, CALAIS JANGAL creates a shifting gap between extreme precariousness and the sumptuous bourgeois scenes of the 18th century.


Photographic edition

Bisous D'angers

Installation view

Series of 13 ceramics in black sandstone super manga.

Bisous D'Angers

Artist book

Drawings and photographs


Installation view


Installation view


A Duo exhibition Baptiste Charneux

Urx underground, Prague