Screening and a talk: Belated Measures

Nir Evron

“I have always been preoccupied with history and histography, representations of the past, anything that has a trace. My interest is not in the past per se, but in its importance to our present.”
– Nir Evron.

Nir Evron’s new work, is based on rare materials from Lehi (Jewish Fighters for the Freedom of Israel) archives—an underground organization operating during the British mandatory period. Never shown publicly before, these materials include documentation of paramilitary operations carried out by the organization before the establishment of the State of Israel, alongside reconstructions of various acts performed by underground fighters for the camera. As the film unfolds, Evron exposes details about the historical research he conducted, letting us in on his thoughts and reflections during the work process regarding the historical affinity between photography and war, the role such documentation was supposed to play for Lehi members, and the significance of exposing these historical materials today.

Right after the screening: Artist talk with Nir Evron, with the participation of curator Gilad Reich.




Friday, June 17th
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