Congratulations Karam Natour!

For recieving the Kiefer Prize by Wolf Foundation for 2020

Excited to announce that Karam Natour, who is participating in Artport’s residency program, received the Kiefer Prize by Wolf Foundation for 2020!

The jury stated that “Natur’s works reveal common perspectives and worldviews as weak constructions that depend on the inadequacy of language provisions, versus its actual performance depending on varying circumstances ranging from body movements, weight, and sensations, to the artist’s relationship with his communities. Thus, the artist illuminates a general situation about our knowledge of reality and our participation in constructing knowledge arrays in response to the inadequacy of two different paradigms: the first, objective, in which we respond to the semiotic and scientific representations, the second, subjectively, in which our actions and experiences create realities.”

The Ingburg Bachmann Scholarship has been awarded by the Wolf Foundation since 1991, to encourage young and promising artists in Israel. The scholarship is given by the generous contribution of the German artist Anselm Kiefer.

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