David's Resurrection

Yair Perez Solo Exhibition

Yair Perez’s solo exhibition was created following the artist’s personal encounter with the mentally ill as part of his work in recent years. The exhibition derives from the autobiographical aspect but offers at the same time an reflection and examination of the concepts of “madness” and “mental illness” in today’s society. The exhibition includes paintings and sculptures from the last three years and is accompanied by Menachem Goldberg’s text.

The work of Perez, an artist who is part of Artport’s artist residency program founded by the Arison Foundation, often engages in social content and marginalized images of Israeli society. This can also be seen in his earlier works, such as the Urban Nature series (2005-2008), which addressed street life in southern Tel Aviv through the lives of beggars, homeless people, and cart “draggers”, who became animal-hybrid creatures trying to survive. Perez’s other solo exhibition “Kitchen Works” (2010) dealt with the concept of “black work” and violent rituals portrayed through black humor and images of kitchen workers’ lives.

קראו עוד
  • Artist

    Yair Perez

  • Address

    55 Ben-Zvi Rd., Tel Aviv

  • Dates

    23.05.2013 – 15.06.2013

  • Opening Hour


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