International Artist Residencies Panel Discussion

Mediated by Lilac Madar

Artist residency programs all over the world grant artists the opportunity to live and work outside of their common environment, providing them with time to ponder, explore, encounter, and create. These programs are able to profoundly impact the professional development of artists, to broaden their horizons, strengthen connections with the international art world and advance them in all aspects.

Artport is pleased to host a panel discussion on international artist residency programs, mediated by Lilac Madar.

Lilac Madar returned this summer from a residency program at SVA, New York, with a crave for more and the will to share her experience with others. She will host a talk with artists who have participated in residency programs worldwide, each sharing their experiences and knowledge. During the panel we will try to answer some of the burning questions: How do you chose a residency program? How do you get accepted? What do you do there? What is it good for?

Participants: Gil Yefman, Dan Allon, Vardi Bobrow, Liat Livni and Lilac Madar

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  • Address

    Entrance from 10 Ha’manor str. 1st floor

  • Date

    Tuesday, November 15th 2022

  • Time


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