Artist Film Festival

Once Upon a Screen

Videographic Adaptations of Cinematic Childhood Traumas

Image-based lecture with Ariel Avissar

Once Upon a Screen is an international project that was created during the COVID-19 pandemic, dedicated to the processing of cinematic childhood traumas through the creation of personal video essays, in an attempt to revisit the origins of trauma through the editing table. The project received great acclaim around the world, and the various works created for it were screened at international festivals and topped the Sight and Sound magazine’s list of “best video essays of 2020.” Ariel Avissar, one of the initiators, will present the project, screen selected works from it, and discuss videography and its affinities to the worlds of art, criticism, and academia.

Ariel Avissar is a lecturer and doctoral student at the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University. In recent years, he has been promoting the field of videography in Israel as an academic practice, initiating and involved in a number of international videographic projects. His works have been published in several online academic publications and screened at various conferences and festivals around the world.

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    Saturday, June 18th 2022

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