The Fruit of the Soil and the Boundaries of Place

Closing Event of the exhibition 'In This Earth, In This Soil'

Inspired by the Seven Species as a symbol of local culture and history, the conversation will focus on the power of plants to mark place and boundary but also to challenge political narratives. A dialogue between Prof. Daniel Montrescu and Dr. Ariel Hendel with the participation of artists Ella Littwitz and Guy Goldstein.

The event will include a wine tasting session.

Prof. Daniel Montrescu is an urban anthropologist and researcher of food and wine borders. Dr. Ariel Hendel is a political geographer, researcher, and lecturer in politics, urbanism, and space.

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  • Address

    Ha’Amal 8 st., Tel Aviv

  • Date

    Wednesday, August 9th

  • Time

    7:30 pm

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