GAZE IN BATTLE (a performative dissection of my experience in Israel)

Video Screening with Ayla Pierrot Arendt (Frankfurt)

Join us for a screening of GAZE IN BATTLE, a work by international artist-in-residence Ayla Pierrot Arendt, a filmic work based on her experiences in Israel. The screening will be followed by a discussion and open studio.

“The perfect sunset. A circling helicopter. The white cone of light seeks the beach and brushes me hard. But I don’t feel fear. It’s so cinematic. I’m neither on stage nor behind the camera. My position is in between. I’m lying on my back on the street. I ask to be filmed. I want to look at me lying there. It’s like a dream. The blue of the sky turns black. Images emerge, paintings come to life. The horses are freed.”

– Ayla Pierrot Arendt

Ayla Pierrot Arendt, based in Frankfurt a.M., Germany, is a visual artist and director of video art and live performance. Ayla’s work revolves around the exploration of sociopolitical themes through feminist reinterpretations and revisions. Her recent artistic projects often use public and semi-public spaces as stages for various art personas she embodies. These personas actively engage with the community, advocating for collective thought and action.

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  • Artist

    Ayla Pierrot Arendt

  • Address

    Entrance from 10 HaManor st.

  • Date

    Tuesday, September 12th

  • Time

    8:30 pm

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