Editing Workshop on Wikipedia

on women, art and feminisem

Celebrating International Women’s Day by adding more women artists to the Hebrew Wikipedia.

As part of the International Art + Feminism Initiative and in collaboration with Wikimedia Israel, Artport is pleased to be participating for the third time, for a day of content writing on female artists.

Wikipedia has become a major source of knowledge, though when looking for information about personalities in Hebrew, less than 20% are about women. The Art + Feminism initiative aims to change just that, and write history together as we want to read it.

In the program: Getting to know Wikipedia and learning basic rules, writing new values, translating existing values ​​into Hebrew, and also tea, cookies and oranges.

The workshop will be successful and we will add a lot of knowledge to Wikipedia, some preparation needs to be done in advance.

Very important before the workshop –
1. Open a Wikipedia user
2. Bring a laptop (if we haven’t – we’ve updated it beforehand and we might be able to help)
3. Think about what value an artist you want to write or translate in search of materials in advance
4.Sign up for link so we know you’re coming and send you all the details and updates Read more

  • Address

    Entrance through Ha’Manor 10 st., first floor

  • Opening date

    Friday, March 13th, 2020

  • Opening hours


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