Chronicle of a Place

Jenny Brockmann in conversation with Tali Ben Nun

During the month of January Berlin based artist and Artport’s resident Jenny Bockmann has been following an 11 kilometer spiral around Tel Aviv.
Nine stations were marked in advance along the spiral route, in each the artist stayed for 3 hours, during which she kept a journal, drew, talked to passersby, and gathered findings, evidences, and different indexes that represent the nature of the place. Brockmann walks from one point to another like a portable laboratory of a scientific-cultural-sociological experiment. In order to achieve accurate findings, she is assisted by analogue and digital devices that measure objective environmental data, such as a distance-measuring device, test tubes, portable weather station, and a camera. The data she collects is translated into quick real-time drawings, maps, photographs, videos, and more. The devices represent the analytic and concrete information of the experiment, whereas the drawings, photographs, body gestures, and other activities that transpire as a result of a random encounter with a place, represent a subjective, emotional, and intuitive experience.
Join us to learn more about her poetic-archeological findings in an open studio and a conversation with curator Tali Ben Nun.

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  • Artist

    Jenny Brockmann

  • Date

    Friday, February 7th, 2014

  • Time

    10am – 12pm

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