Netai Halup and Maayan Shahar

Two solo exhibitions

The two solo exhibitions are by Netai Halup and Maayan Shahar, two young artists who took part in Artport’s short-term residency program. The two artists present intense and wide-ranging sculptural site-specific installations, centered on the physical relationship between the viewer and the sculptures surrounding him.

Netai Halup presents in “And Other Stories”, his first solo show in Israel, a human and fragile sculptural array. He creates them from scratch, drawing and planning their form and structure, connecting materials and quantities via internal movement. The concrete, which is associated with weight, non-elasticity, and massiveness, masquerades, acquiring lightness and a sense of hovering in the gallery space. Bathed in soft, delicate colors, it is inspired by harmony and calm alongside tension stemming from its installation mode. The sculptures surrender living features from the very first glance: they are slender, rising upward nobly. Delicate and vulnerable, they seek comfort in each other. They are shy, modest, and somewhat submissive, appearing to be on the verge of collapsing, ostensibly striving to merge with the gallery’s existing floor tiles.

Maayan Shahar’s desire to comprehend takes her on a journey in “Dilating in the Dark”, where she explores images that are based on brain scans she had gone through, as part of an experiment with hallucinogenic drugs. The scans are processed into drawings and sculptures and exhibited alongside sculptures based on materials she collected from the street and hardware stores. Cones covered with asphalt stones, parts of hands moving from side to side and soft drink cans held in an embrace – all invite the viewer to engage with their movement – from struggle to closeness, from reality to the unknown.

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  • Artists

    Netai Halup and Maayan Shahar

  • Curator

    Naama Haneman

  • Address

    8 Ha’Amal st.

  • Dates

    July 7th – August 28th, 2022

  • Opening Date

    Thursday, July 7th, 2022, 7:30pm

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